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In this article, I'm gonna explain you the detailed information about Nits, how it's different from Lumen, and how we measure it.

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  1. What are the Nits of display?
  2. Difference between Light intensity and Nits
  3. How we measure display Nits at LaptopRadar.In?

What are the Nits of display?

First of all, Nits is a unit in which the brightness of display is measured. But, Nits is a non-standard unit like Horsepower. The standard unit that's recognized by SI (Systems of International Units) is Cd/m2 (Candela per Square Meter).

Now, the question is what's the 1 Cd/m2?

It's very easy. Just fit the poster of 1 x 1 square meter on the wall and bring the fired candle near to 1 meter distance from the poster, and then see how much light is spreading on the poster.

The amount of light spreads on the poster after above experiment is 1 Cd/m2.

Also note that Nits has no relation with light intensity. Read below how nits are differs from light's intensity.

Difference between Light Intensity and Nits

The very first difference between light intensity and nits is that the Light Intensity is related to source whereas Nits are related to destination.

Light Intensity is basically the amount of light emits from the source. It has nothing to deal with the amount falls on the surface. And, it's measured in Lumens.

So, the higher the nits, the brighter the display. Laptop's display with high nits always gives much more brightness even in the direct sunlight. It gives more clear visibility.

How we measure display Nits at LaptopRadar.In?

To measure the display nits of the laptop, we are using Extech LT45 LED Light Meter. See below how the meter looks like. It measure in lux (Lumens per Square Meters).

Extech LT45 LED Light Meter

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