CPU Undervolting and Reasons of Why we follow it at LaptopRadar.In

So, today, in this Laptop Radar article, I am about to explain you in detail about CPU undervolting and why we do it at LaptopRadar.In while reviewing it.

First of all, let me tell you that it’s the very important practice followed by professional gamers across the world. And, people do it mostly on gaming laptops, not on work-laptops.

CPU Undervolting and Reasons of Why we follow it

What happens to CPU when you do heavy tasks on it?

So, in this section, I’ll explain in detail about what happens to CPU when you perform heavy tasks on it.

First of all, which tasks are considered as heavy tasks? By definition, those tasks which consumes more processor or put more load are considered to be heavy for the laptop. In other words, the tasks which push the laptop into stress are considered heavy.

So, gaming, programming, video editing & export, CPU & GPU stress test, and like are mostly heavy tasks.

When you perform any of the above tasks, the CPU always gets hot. In addition, its efficiency gets reduced and at the same time, the power-consumption also increases than idle-level. And, improper, inefficient, or ineffective ventilation also distributes the heat to other parts of laptop like palm rest, keyboard, the bottom of display, sides of laptops, and many more.

Such scenario always decreases the life of processor and other internal component of the laptop.

And, nowadays, those heavy tasks are become pretty common. And, in addition to programming, machine learning is also becoming increasingly popular.

So, to overcome the heating, performance, and power consumption issues, we are doing CPU undervolting test at LaptopRadar.In. Next, I will tell you what is it.

What is the CPU Undervolting?

The CPU Undervolting, as the name suggests, it’s the process in which the power supplied to the processor is reduced.

If you supply the less power, it will consume less than usual and, in turn, it won’t heat up much than normal. As a result, it will give you more clock speed than average that wasn’t possible for you to get without undervolting. That’s all about CPU UV.

Next, look at the method and tool use use at LaptopRadar.In.

How we do CPU Undervolting at LaptopRadar.In?

At LaptopRadar.In, we had initially two choices for CPU UV as follow.

  • Throttlestop
  • XTU by Intel

However, Throttlestop don’t give us the advance options to do so. But, Intel’s XTU does give. Hence, we uses Intel’s XTU to do CPU undervolting. Because of Intel’s XTU, we can’t undervolt the AMD CPU. So, you won’t find this test for laptop with AMD CPU.

Keen to read the CPU UV process? Insopra’s article is best to read.

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