What is the Windows Hello feature Unlock?

What is the Windows Hello Unlock

A Windows Hello feature is a system which allows you to unlock your laptop using Fingerprint sensor, Iris scanner, or any facial recognition system.

In addition, the windows hello feature also let you Sign-In into many online web services. It’s specific to Windows laptops only.

When it comes to fundamental, it’s bio-metrics-based technology, which let you login through the most secure way instead of traditional ways like Passwords, PIN, Pattern lock, and more.

The main purpose of this technology is to provide the easiest but most secure way to Sign-In the online services, multiple accounts, devices, and many more.

The main flaw of traditional Sign-In systems is that we’ve to remember the passwords. Here, it’s not necessarily one or two but many. So, we may need to write it down also and that creates vulnerability. Because, such ways are prone to leak or forget. Hence, such ways are not considered as secure.

In addition to that, people are also tend to use the same passwords across many web services. So, the breach in one service tends to breach in many other also. So, the traditional ways to Log-In the service are not good. As a result, bio-metrics based ways are highly used.

The Window Hello unlock feature works like Apple Touch ID or Face ID, which is highly secure. It basically uses your device’s camera to identify your face. It also uses your laptop’s fingerprint sensor.

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How Windows Hello works?

As I said earlier, the primary purpose of Windows Hello unlock feature is to provide the most sophisticated and secure way to Log-in the laptop or online services. For that, it scans your face or finger and then creates its 3D structural model and stores it more securely in the device.

As a result, when you look at the camera of your laptop or put your finger on the fingerprint sensor, it detects the input and unlock the device or service in a moment. By this way, the use of passwords, PIN, or any other modes are eliminated.

To provide more security, with Windows Update, the Anti-spoof technology is also introduced, which limits the numbers of success the user can do in a strike.

Read the below statement given by Anoosh Saboori, the Senior Program Manager Lead, Microsoft.

By adopting the FIDO specification, partners will be delivering differentiated and innovative Windows Hello companion devices that meet the needs of both consumers and businesses, including those in heavily regulated industries.

The FIDO is an acronym of Fast Identity Online. It was first developed in 2014 by the FIDO Alliance.

What are the Hardware Requirements?

Basically, it has left a very weak barrier for devices. You laptop needs a Windows 10 operating system and a camera or fingerprint sensor, which should be able to capture 2D IR spectroscopy.

According to Laptop Radar, the false acceptance rate that’s acceptable for a fingerprint reader is less than 0.002%, and for facial recognition camera, it’s less than 0.001%. That’s actually what Microsoft has said. If I compare the success with Apple’s Face-ID, then it’s 1 in 1000,000. And, 1 in 50,000 for touch-ID.

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