What’s the Precision-enabled Touchpad in Windows Powered Laptops?

In this Laptop Radar article, I’m gonna reveal much more about Windows precision touchpad and how it work differently from traditional touchpad.

Article Content:

  1. How non-precision touchpad works on Windows PC?
  2. What is the Windows Precision touchpad?
  3. Is Precision-touchpad better than Apple’s Magic touchpad?

Before I go into the detail, you have to learn how non-precision touchpad works. And, why precision drivers came into existence.

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How non-precision touchpad works on Windows PC?

You will be surprised to know that the touchpad works at very weird way when compare to Apple Macbook. On the laptop, we perform several gestures activity like swiping, pinching, and many more on the touchpad.

So, the touchpad then first sends the data to Windows OS. Then, the data is handled by external PS/2 mouse – the traditional mouse. In other words, the data sent my touchpad is first converted to data of External PS/2 mouse and then interpreted by Windows OS. So, this way, the activities on the touchpad is identified.

So, this is quite long process. It takes a time. In addition to that, we all know that the Windows is driver-based OS. And, the drivers differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

As a result, you get a late response compared to Apple Macbook’s touchpad. In Macbook, the data sent from touchpad is directly interpreted by OS, means, too fast. And, driver-based data are also not 100% accurate.

This is the same problem with all Windows-based PCs. As a result, Windows has announced a precision touchpad with the launch Windows.

What is a Precision Touchpad?

The Precision-enabled touchpad is launched to overcome the limitations of traditional trackpad.

With the launch of Windows, Microsoft has created a specification for a touchpad called a Precision Touchpad with Synaptics.

Synaptics is a touchpad manufacturing company. Unlike normal touchpad, the raw data sent by Precision touchpad is directly interpreted by OS. And, then Windows will be responsible to handle the gestures accurately.

So, in this way, Windows will understand the data more efficiently and effectively to produce better, and accurate output.

In other words, the data conversion process of external PS/2 mouse is eliminated in the precision-enabled touchpad.

Is Precision-touchpad better than Apple’s Magic touchpad?

No, to be frank. Apple Macbook supports wide gestures and respond very smoothly compared to precision one. It’s still at top on this planet when it comes to smoothness, accuracy of touchpad.

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